Friday, April 7, 2017

5 reasons WonderCon is better than San Diego Comic-Con

WonderCon is my favorite comic book convention. Yes... even greater than San Diego Comic-Con International. You may be wondering how a Con that is half the size and that offers less talent than SDCC be considered better. Let's find out, shall we?


The number of people dressed up in cosplay may be greater at SDCC but the cosplayers at WonderCon all tend to gather in one central location making it easier to check out and take pictures. You're also much more likely to bump into your favorite cosplayer at WonderCon than you would at SDCC due to the epic gatherings. Check out some of the shots I took during the show right here.


Is there a panel that you're dying to see? At SDCC there will be thousands of other people that want to see the same panel so you'll most likely have to line up and wait far in advance just to have a chance to get in. This limits your time spent doing other cool things drastically. At WonderCon you can usually waltz right in just as a panel begins.

Exhibit Hall

Imagine a place that is so jam packed that you have to pause every few steps or bump into people at every intersection... now picture being able to walk from one side of a convention center to the other with a comfortable stride. The red pill is SDCC and the blue pill is WonderCon.


As mentioned earlier, there isn't nearly as much talent at WonderCon as there is at SDCC but due to the lower attendance you'll have a much better chance of striking up a meaningful conversation with the talent there. Remember quality is better than quantity. The show also tends to focus more on comic books rather than Hollywood so that's a bonus for nerds like myself.


Due to several of the factors listed above people are generally in a much better mood at WonderCon. This goes for pretty much everybody from artists to cosplayers to attendees. You'll catch people smiling, singing, and dancing in every direction you look.


Having said all of that... is WonderCon actually a better show than SDCC? Welllll... no. The exclusivity, the thrill, and the excitement of SDCC will never be topped by any other show but if someone managed to merge the best of both worlds into a single event... that would be Nerdvana!

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