Sunday, April 15, 2018


100,000 subscribers?? This is unreal. We need to take a moment to show love and say thanks to everybody who has helped our YouTube channel get to this point. Without the support of each and every one of these amazing men and women there simply would be no VZA channel. If you're following me then you need to make sure that you're following them as well...

(in order from when they first allowed us to film)

Jim Lee
Adam Hughes
Joe Benitez
John Watkins-Chow
Bernard Chang
Olivier Coipel
Kevin Eastman
Mark Brooks
Erik Larsen
Joe Ng
Long Vo
Alvin Lee
Ale Garza
Alvin Lee
Ethan Castillo
Frank Cho
Bill Sienkiewicz
David Finch
Siya Oum
Ken Lashley
Stjepan Sejic
Marc Silvestri
Dustin Nguyen
Sara Pichelli
Ryan Stegman
Humberto Ramos
Francisco Herrera
Rob Liefeld
Jim Cheung
Mark Texeira
Brianna Garcia
Tom Hodges
Francis Manapul
Arthur Adams
Brian Stelfreeze
Nick Bradshaw
Aaron Lopresti
Charlie Adlard
Tone Rodriguez
Ivy Doomkitty
Ray Height
Nei Ruffino
Tony Fleecs
Tony Daniel
Jae Lee
George Perez
Stephane Roux
Fiona Staples
Khary Randolph
Kim Jung Gi
Sanford Greene
Travis Charest
Matt Groening
Alex Sinclair
Chad Hardin
Roc Upchurch
Alfonso Azpiri (RIP)
Michael Golden
Babs Tarr
Ryan Benjamin
Eric EBas Basaldua
Elias Chatzoudis
Terry Dodson
Whilce Portacio
JJ Kirby
Dawn McTeigue
Scott Koblish
Chris Copeland
Koi Turnbull
Blacker Than Black Times Infinity
Jorge Jimenez
Bill Morrison
Dean Yeagle
Chris Bachalo
Mike HD
Light Lando
The Grinch
Andy Park
Carlos D'Anda
Todd Nauck
Eduardo Risso
Stanley "ArtGerm" Lau
Walt Simonson
Chris Cayco
Amas Bansal
Stephan Franck
Victor Olazaba
Brian Rogers
James Raiz
Austin Burrows
Gregory "Krazed" Roberts
Michael Stewart
Ryan Odagawa
Angela Wu
Eiji Shiroi

Monday, March 19, 2018

X-Men Cards by Jim Lee

A compilation of the infamous X-Men card series drawn by Jim Lee along with high-res scans of the original art. There are two cards that I haven't been able to track down the original art for but everything else is here. Enjoy!

  1. Beast
  2. Wolverine
  3. Havok
  4. Iceman
  5. Phoenix
  6. Nightcrawler
  7. Cannonball
  8. Wolfsbane
  9. Siryn
  10. Lockheed
  11. Professor X
  12. Psylocke
  13. Domino
  14. Storm
  15. Meggan
  16. Feral
  17. Cyclops
  18. Gambit
  19. Cable
  20. Archangel
  21. Bishop
  22. Shadowcat
  23. Kylun
  24. Jean Grey
  25. Colossus
  26. Warpath
  27. Polaris
  28. Boom Boom
  29. Jubilee
  30. Shatterstar
  31. Strong Guy
  32. Captain Britain
  33. Forge
  34. Multiple Man
  35. Quicksilver
  36. Rogue
  37. Widget
  38. Bishop
  39. Maverick
  40. Cerise
  41. Magneto
  42. Mr. Sinister
  43. Deadpool
  44. Proteus
  45. Mojo II
  46. Juggernaut
  47. Sentinels
  48. Gideon
  49. Masque
  50. Shiva
  51. Apocalypse
  52. Sabretooth
  53. Mojo
  54. Caliban
  55. Gatecrasher
  56. Brood
  57. Blob
  58. Stryfe
  59. Warwolves
  60. Omega Red
  61. Black Tom
  62. Mystique
  63. Sauron
  64. Saturnyne
  65. Toad
  66. Shadow King
  67. White Queen
  68. Mastermind
  69. Deathbird
  70. Lady Deathstrike
  71. X-Men Gold
  72. X-Men Blue
  73. X-Factor
  74. X-Force
  75. Excalibur
  76. Hellfire Club
  77. Mutant Liberation Front
  78. Brotherhood of Evil Mutants
  79. Upstarts
  80. Technet
  81. Sunspot
  82. Dark Phoenix
  83. Longshot
  84. Magik
  85. Dazzler
  86. Starjammers
  87. Imperial Guard
  88. Lilandra
  89. WHO
  90. Roma
  91. Nightcrawler (Danger Room)
  92. Archangel (Danger Room)
  93. Storm (Danger Room)
  94. Gambit (Danger Room)
  95. Wolverine (Danger Room)
  96. Shatterstar (Danger Room)
  97. Cyclops (Danger Room)
  98. Cable (Danger Room)
  99. Colossus (Danger Room)
  100. Group (Danger Room)
  101. Wolverine (Hologram)
  102. Cable (Hologram)
  103. Gambit (Hologram)
  104. Magneto (Hologram)
  105. X-Men (Hologram)

X-Men (Hologram)