Thursday, April 21, 2016

Dank Deathmatches featuring @BThanBTI

In an effort to bring some variety over to our channel and spread awareness of the awesome podcast that is Blacker Than Black Times Infinity I reached out to Cthulhu's Prodigy to help form a web series called Dank Deathmatch.

Dank Deathmatch is a series of debates discussing who would win in fights featuring your favorite comic book characters. The series starts off with Batman vs. Superman and swings on over to the Marvel Universe with Spider-Man vs. Wolverine.

We want you to get involved so be sure to leave comments in the videos letting us know who you think would win and also who you'd like to see the guys at Blacker Than Black Times Infinity debate next.

More episodes of Dank Deathmatch are on the way so be sure to follow Blacker Than Black Times Infinity at the links below:

You can follow VZA at:

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