Sunday, June 12, 2016

Make Captain America Great Again!!

Remember when Captain America was great? Yeah, me neither. In fact, up until Mark Millar had him sign up for the wrong side of the Civil War the character was nothing more than a poster child for American ideals. He was the only character more boring and predictable than Superman.

Despite all of that, there are butt hurt fans crying over the recent plotline that has Cap saying those notorious two words "Hail Hydra." There's more division among the fans than the Civil War story created back in the day. Like most events these days, the best thing to come from all of this madness is of course... the memes...

No matter how bad things seem for Cap right now, can it really be as bad as this...?

At the end of the day, the most interesting thing about this whole ordeal is that it has already been done before and nobody really seemed to care.

Calm down, Internet... everything will be alright...

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